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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 22:56

This page gives some ideas about stimulating discussion when using YouTube videos in lectures.

Practical Approaches

Lectures are difficult scenarios for discussion however you can and should suggest breaking into small groups and/or pairs after each video so that ideas are immediately discussed. Notes should be made so that there is a record of the discussion. There should also be the opportunity for a number of pairs or groups to feedback within the larger group, even if the number of these is limited. Where the opportunity for discussion is not present in the lecture, it is likely to take place after the lecture in informal discussions between students. You should provide opportunity for this learning to be formalised through making record of discussions and feeding back at a later session. Finally online discussion resources should not be underestimated as a valuable tool for promoting debate amongst students.

Questioning Techniques

Stimulating discussion can be facilitated using questioning strategies. Questions could be based on the following areas:

Understanding: What was the intended meaning? How was it displayed? How does the display affect the meaning?

Evidence: What evidence was offered? What was the strength? How do you know?

Values: How did it make you feel? Why? Why might others feel differently?

Go back to the videos you found representing multiple viewpoints. Answer the above questions. Can you think of any additional questions which are relevant to your videos?

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