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Sunday, 07 November 2010 17:34

It is important to think about authorship of the videos you are watching.

The first step to questioning authorship is to find out what you can about who made your video.

You can find out a lot of information from someone's channel.


  • Look at the 5 ethics videos you have saved in your Playlist.
  • Find out about the authors from their channels.

The second step to questioning authorship is to think about why this user is making this video.

You can find out a lot about what discussion has been provoked by the video.


  • Go to YouTube, go to the Videos tab to go to the Videos home page.
  • On the left side of the window, head to the Browse section and then click the Most Discussed link.
  • Look at a few of the first few videos and the discussion they have provoked. W
  • hy do you think people have responded?
  • Do you think this is related to the author's intended purpose for the video?

This blog has a list of the most popular and most discussed videos on YouTube.


  • Choose one or two of the videos to watch.
  • Write down any preconceptions about the authorship.
  • Read the discussions related to the video/s you watched. 
  • Write down any responses to the discussion
  • Go to the authors channel, note anything about the author and how you have deduced this
  • Write a reflection about your findings against your initial conceptions and how they have changed
  • Share this with others to see if they had similar reactions to you
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