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Sunday, 07 November 2010 20:35

YouTube videos can provide an excellent way of contextualising knowledge.

Searching for videos to contextualise concepts is difficult as it requires 'blue-skies thinking' about the way the concept relates to practice. Search terms may need to be abstract and relate more to the context than the concept.

For example - consider a curriculum that involved the delivery of a basic model.

We will use the example model of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (especially relevant for Business, Education and Health)

In case you aren't familiar with this model, here are three brief explanatory YouTube videos

(if you were teaching which of these would you recommend? which is best authored? which has the best vehicle for delivery?)

The slideshow as video basic version ...


The voicover photos slightly more academic version


The rap (!) ...



The problem is that it is quite an abstract concept... so here are some examples of the theory contextualised

Do they add to your understanding of the theory? 

Generally contextualised (search term: Maslow needs)

For vets (search term: animal welfare needs)

How does Maslow's theory apply to animal welfare?

For nurses (search term: various fruitless succesful - nurse motivation)

How do Nurses fulfil Maslow's hierarchy of needs in their patients?

For social care (Search term: needs of carers)

How is Maslow's hierarchy different or distorted for young carers?

Can you think of any abstract models you use in teaching and learning?

What could you search for to contextualise those models?




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